The Benefits Of Using My Yield Custom Seed Treaters

For thousands of years, farmers have been treating their seeds with products ranging from tree sap to manure to copper salts to pharmaceutical fungicides and antibiotics, all for the purpose of protecting their crops from disease and pests and insuring a good yield. Modern farmers still have many options when they look for a seed treatment system. The following are some of the benefits of choosing My Yield.

Saving Money

Cost is always an important factor when deciding what kind of seed treater to use. Not only does it cost less initially, this product continues to save farmers money in the long run because it provides such a high return on investment. In fact, many farmers find that they have paid for their seed treatment system after just one growing season. After that, they enjoy higher and higher profits.

No Advance Purchase Required

One of the disadvantages of many other seed treatment systems is that farmers have to be able to predict in advance how much seed they’ll need and what type of treatment will be best for their farm. Then they have to buy treated seeds months in advance. With this product, however, farmers can treat their own seeds on their own schedule and on their own farm.

Control And Flexibility

With this product, farmers have total control over the blend of chemicals, the amount of seed they treat, and where they treat it. They have the flexibility to change treatments from one field to another and from one season to the next. Being able to treat seeds according to real time conditions guarantees that no seed will be wasted.

Oversight Of Application

When farmers buy pre-treated seeds, they have to take it on faith that the seeds were treated properly. With this product, farmers are able to treat their seeds on their own farm with support from the company. This gives them the ability to oversee the process and know that it’s done correctly.

According to many reviews, customers are getting good results from this seed treatment system. They describe it as gentle, easy to use, thorough, and most of all, effective. Many farmers have commented that their seeds survived bad weather when other farms had to replant.